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The Best Laid Plans

by Roger Colwell 

Just when everything is going as planned, the unexpected happens: A traffic jam makes us late for a meeting; a vegetable turned south ruins an otherwise delightful meal; a lovely vacation is spoiled by loud neighbors in the hotel room next door.

Or, a downhill crash on your mountain bike sends you to the hospital.

That’s exactly where Terry R. ended up last weekend as he attempted to complete the legendary Leadville 100 race in Colorado. One minute, things were going exactly as the Sunset team rider had envisioned. The next…disaster. For Terry, that meant four broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a broken collarbone. Certainly not the race experience he had planned and trained for. Thankfully, he’s doing fine and already on the road to recovery.

Within Terry’s plight is a lesson we all can learn from. Because true eloquence eludes me, I’ll steal from the famous lines of Burns’ poem:

“The best laid schemes of mice and men

Go often awry,

And leave us nothing but grief and pain,

For promised joy!”

Promised joy, in Terry’s case, was a finish in Leadville. Your promised joy might be making it to the meeting in time, enjoying a peaceful vacation, or simply finishing a weekend ride without a flat tire. But good old Murphy frequently intervenes, and he’s got other plans for you–flat tires, a coffee stain on your favorite shirt, and a host of other unexpected road blocks.plan a plan b

For myself, I’ll try to expect the best and embrace the unexpected, rolling with the ups and downs of an unpredictable life.

But I’ll never forget my patch kit and a few spare tubes.

Terry, Godspeed and our wishes for a quick healing process.



Re-VITA-lize Your Ride


This just in from the pages of Bicycling Magazine: The Specialized VITA has been named as the Editor’s Choice pick for Best Flat Bar Bicycle. It’s competitively priced, loaded with features you might find in a more expensive ride, and smooth as whipped butter. Stop in for a test ride to see if you agree with the editors.



Each month in CHAINRINGS, Sunset Cycles previews another great Washington County bike ride. With the varied terrain available in our area, each ride is certain to be a winner.

This month’s ride: August Cooler

Our ride rating category is simple, ranging from one CHAINRING (easiest) to five CHAINRINGS (most challenging). Here’s the criteria:

One chainring: Flat ride, minimal climbing
Two chainrings: Rolling hills, short climbs
Three chainrings: Moderate hills, possibly some short, steep climbs
Four chainrings: Challenging terrain with numerous, longer climbs
Five chainrings: Very difficult terrain with numerous, steep, long climbshot_dog


A spin from the shop out to Hagg Lake west of Forest Grove will give you three things this month: A scenic summer ride that’s just over 100km (63.6 miles), a chance to soak up the best of the summer sun, and an opportunity to cool off in the lake if things get a bit too warm (we like the area around the Sain Creek Campground for easy lake access).

See the ride details here.



Koki Bags

From the beautiful town of Hood River comes a bike bag manufacturer whose name was inspired by a simple Asian treat.

Koki Hobo Pannier

Koki (pronounced “cookie”) makes innovative saddle and handlebar bags designed for everyone from the touring cyclist to the urban commuter. But to call their products “bags” wouldn’t be doing justice. Koki’s products are much more than that–“storage solutions” or “cycling carry-alls” perhaps. Elegant design standards are evident in each one of their products, from the relatively small Mogi smartphone case ($30) to the “soft” hard-shell Hobo pannier ($75), which has been confirmed recently to fit TWO beer growlers!

Stop in and have a look at one of the Northwest’s coolest home-grown cycling products, Koki bags.

Oh yeah…the story behind their name? Initial prototypes came back from an Asian manufacturer with a nice note and fortune cookies. “Cookie” became “Koki”…and the rest is history.



The Sun: 93 million miles away, yet it still makes us squint, can dish out a mean rash, and throw us into a swimming-pool searching frenzy. Sunset Cycles can’t do much about the latter two issues, but we can help shield your eyes from the harsh glare of the summer ball of fire in the sky.

Fresh off our successful Belgian Night event, we’re now stocking the incredible sunglasses lineup from Lazer. Loaded with state-of-the-art features (Carl Zeiss lens optics, photochromic light-adjusting lenses, exceptional ventilation and customizable fit), Lazer shades will give you confidence in any type of riding conditions.

magneto shotOf special note is the innovative Magneto model. Envision a set of sunglasses that aren’t affected by helmet straps or a rider’s unique facial structure (no ears needed!). That’s exactly what the Magneto gives you, thanks to a unique magnet-mounting system. The side of your head is left unobstructed to keep cool, and the absence of normal sunglass arms also results in very little pressure on the temples that can cause headaches and fatigue during a long day in the saddle. For off-the-bike use, standard sunglass temples are available, allowing you to take Magneto with you wherever you go.

We have Lazer sunglasses priced from $40 to $100.

Tifosi Roubaix

Tifosi Roubaix

Our lineup of Tifosi sunglasses give you another option, with a wide range of models. From the flashy Duro ($60) to the sleek lines of the Roubaix ($70), Tifosi has built a heritage of quality eyewear at affordable prices. 



Other than the aforementioned hiccup to Terry’s long-distance racing, it’s been business as usual for the guys in the coolest racing kits in town.With the summer racing season in full swing and cyclocross just around the corner, the team has been a visible presence at just about every bike event in Oregon and SW Washington.

Don’t forget about the weekly Saturday morning team rides, which are open to anyone. The pace varies, but is usually spirited. If paceline rides aren’t your cup of tea, we’d recommend our Sunday afternoon shop ride as an alternative.



Speak, oh ye denizens of the Sunset Cycles world! Give us your opinions on this month’s question…


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