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Autumn Leaves

by Roger Colwell 

Inevitably, as August comes to pass, I long for Summer to stay around forever…but how much fun would that be?

Imagine what I’d miss if I skipped Autumn: Cool early mornings when fog sits in the valleys; a crisp breeze that rustles the orange, yellow, and red leaves of a roadside stand of trees; the payoff of the afternoon sun on my face as I take a break from the shop to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.IMG_0050And, Autumn rides. Ahhh…the colors, sights, and smells of autumn rides. It’s the time I look forward to most of all on the calendar. Perhaps it’s the impending arrival of winter rains that provide extra motivation for me to get out the door and into the saddle. Whatever the reason, I savor every drop of Fall, and like a backyard squirrel ferrying away nuts for the cold season, make the most of every available time to ride.

I invite you to do the same. Instead of thinking of better storage areas for your bike or planning a Springtime vacation, ramp up your riding as September and October come into focus. Carve out a lunchtime ride or two each week if possible. And hurry home to take advantage of fading daylight for those sweet early evening jaunts.

Of course, Autumn means cyclocross season has arrived, and we invite you into the shop to take a look at our weekly specials for mind-blowing prices on existing cyclocross bike inventory.DSC01139

As always, thanks for making Sunset Cycles the “go to” shop for the west side of Portland!



Each month in CHAINRINGS, Sunset Cycles previews another great Washington County bike ride. With the varied terrain available in our area, each ride is certain to be a winner.

Our ride rating category is simple, ranging from one CHAINRING (easiest) to five CHAINRINGS (most challenging). Here’s the criteria:

One chainring: Flat ride, minimal climbing
Two chainrings: Rolling hills, short climbs
Three chainrings: Moderate hills, possibly some short, steep climbs
Four chainrings: Challenging terrain with numerous, longer climbs
Five chainrings: Very difficult terrain with numerous, steep, long climbs

This month’s ride: After School Special250px-ABC_Aferschool_Special_Title_Screen


This 19-mile loop is inspired by the need to stay fit and honor the students heading back to class this month. Flat to rolling terrain punctuates this ride, which features much of its mileage on roads with good bike lanes. Don’t forget a light if you start late, and be sure to wave hello to the student athletes as you pass practice fields of Sunset (start/finish location), Liberty, and Westview high schools.

See the ride details here.




As one of the Northwest’s most successful bike industry pioneers, Burley has been producing quality cargo, dog, and kiddie carriers for over 30 years from its headquarters in Eugene.

If you’ve ever seen a bike trailer, chances are you’ve seen a Burley product. From the top of the line D’Lite to the affordable Encore, Burley makes trailers to fit just about every need and budget. Carry a dog? Tote a suit for an important meeting? Burley’s got you covered.dg_burley_070810_1345_2

Burley Bee

Burley Bee

And the quality of a Burley simply can’t be beat. Compare one side-by-side with another brand and you’ll quickly understand why.

One of the friends of our shop used a Burley extensively in the last dozen years, shuttling his kids on errands ranging from trips to the farmer’s market to Home Depot! According to our friend, the Burley behind his SINGLE SPEED bike “rode like butter…and I wouldn’t have wanted to been pulling any other trailer.”




Stop in this week for our Back to School clothing sale — all Endura, Twin 6 and Specialized are priced at  20% off through Sunday, September 8th. Take advantage of some great savings on all remaining summer apparel – jerseys, jackets, shorts, bibs, tights and socks.

Lock it Up

pole weak kryptonite

Recent Kryptonite lock ad

Kryptonite Locks are a surefire way to keep your bike out of the hands of bike thieves, and we’ve got three sizes of the classic “U” lock in stock, along with some varieties of cable locks (keyed or combination) to consider.



A report from team member Dan L. at the recent David Douglas cyclocross race: “Kyle, Peter, Mark, and myself all survived with all our appendages. Kyle raced beginner on his singlespeed, and despite his back of the pack start and his aero Prefontaine mustache, he took 5th. I raced Clydesdale and started in the back and moved up just a little. Mark raced C 35+ and had a flat that took him out of a lap but he did manage to swap his wheel with Pete’s and finish the race. Then Pete and myself raced masters 50+ and basically controlled the race from the rear. Very fun course with some very hard uphills that were rideable if you committed to the pain. On the last lap I really pushed with everything I had left and as I got to the top Mark started riding next to me off course shouting encouragement. I felt my world getting smaller as the peripheral vision started to shrink.  I was thankful that Mark was there to drag my carcass off the course in case I passed out. Managed to get some oxygen back in the brain 200′ later and ride it in to the finish.  A fun, fast course and with the rain, there was some really great cornering. I’m trying to convince myself that racing both Clydesdale and masters 50+ is a good idea. We will see if I can fool myself into believing that by next week. I’m so gullible.”



Speak, oh ye denizens of the Sunset Cycles world! Give us your opinions on this month’s question…


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