Team News

Team member Kyle R. reported in late last month with a brief tale of his cyclocross experience at David Douglas:

“This is my 3rd race on my single speed, and second time at this park [David Douglas]. They changed the course by subtracting gravel (that ended at least one rider’s season), added a lot more fast grass and more wooded singletrack. The numbers were greatly diminished today, probably because of the race in Bend. So it was fast, relatively wide open, and fun. I started last (31st), because of fear and lack of faith and confidence in my ability. I passed a few guys on the first lap, while the leaders got farther and farther ahead. I passed a few more on the second lap, but by the end of that lap, I was totally exhausted and still had 3 laps to go. I had to start focusing on just riding the best pace I could, and if I caught people that would be a bonus. I kept passing guys and then got held up in the wooded section every lap (my fastest part of the lap), which was a bit frustrating. On my last lap, I had two more reachable people. So when the flat/paved section came, I poured on some power and flew by them, hoping to make them feel like, ‘there is no way to catch that guy.’ Well, it worked and I was gifted with a smooth sail through the woods on the last lap. Also, I got 10th, which felt good, too. I had an average heart rate of 166. Wow!”



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