Tech Tuesday

tech tuesday

As part of our commitment to our loyal customers, we’re happy to present a new series of in-store clinics we’re calling “Tech Tuesday,” held the second Tuesday of each month from November through March, aimed at helping you better understand your bike, how it works, and how to maintain it.


– Provide a free, once-a-month clinic, with different topics each month

– Offer valuable tips on how to maintain and repair your bicycle

– Clinics will include giveaways and exclusive in-store discounts

Schedule (5:30-6:30pm):

– November 12th: “Fun with Flat Fixes”

– December 10th: “Drivetrain/ Shift System Shakedown”

– January 14th: “Commuter Accommodations”

– February 11th: TBD

– March 11th: TBD

November Syllabus: “Fun with Flat Fixes”

A flat tire fix clinic for all levels! Learn about your bike and how to change your own “flat” tubes.

Vocabulary: Wheel vs. Tire. vs. Tube

– Diagnosing flats: Is it flat at all? Puncture? Abrasion? Pinch? Valve Shear?

– Mechanicals: Removing wheels. Unseating tire. Removing tube. Installing patch. Reinstalling tubes.

– Methods of fix: Adhesive vs. Glue patches. Replacing tube. Boots. c02. Pumps.

– Prevention: Proper inflation. Tires w/ Kevlar. Liners. Thorn-proof tubes.

– More: What to take on a ride. Knowing when to replace a tire.

– Involvement: Hands on opportunity & Q/A Session.

– Key products: Patches. Levers. Tubes. Tires. Co2. Pumps.


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