Ride Leader Notes: December 2013 Chainrings

A Season of Giving

As cyclists, we usually ask ourselves how we can get more: More speed. More time on our bikes. More bike for the dollar. And so on.

But when was the last time we asked ourselves how we could GIVE more? Specifically, how can we, as cyclists, make a difference in another person’s life? Here are a few ideas to ponder.

  • Ride in (or make a donation to) a charity ride. Multiple non-profit organizations hold rides in the local area that raise critical funds. Find a cause you’d like to support and turn the cranks!gift giving
  • Drive your car with an extra eye out for cyclists, and remind others to do the same. Give riders extra room to help keep people more comfortable riding their bikes on the roads.
  • Encourage your friends and family members to ride bikes as part of a healthy exercise routine. Introduce kids to cycling at an early age, which can help combat childhood obesity and sets the stage for a life of positive habits.
  • Support a cause such as Bikes Belong, World Bike Relief, or Yield to Life.
  • Share your favorite training or commuting routes with others, even if they’re your “secret” route!
  • Encourage everyone to wear a good bike helmet…and better yet, give one as a holiday gift to someone who needs a little encouragement to ride more often.
  • Finally, ask yourself how you can be an instrument of change by using your bicycle. Get creative!

In this season of giving, I hope we have helped give you inspiration, motivation, and everything you need to make your life as a cyclist more rewarding. The entire staff of Sunset Cycles thanks you for your continued support and patronage throughout the year. Please visit us at the store this month if you need a new bike, a holiday gift, or just a cycling-friendly ear to bend.

Happy holidays!


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