Ride Leader Notes: January 2014 Chainrings

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Recent dry weather offered yours truly plenty of riding opportunities, and the return of the rain reminded me just how dependent our sport is on the weather. Precipitation changes everything.

Isn’t that a metaphor for much of life’s experiences? The little things—a few raindrops, a smile, a kind (or nasty) word—make the biggest differences in our day-to-day existence.


Little things make a big difference in commerce, too. We remember the waitress who is extra attentive to our needs. We appreciate a helpful customer service rep who quickly straightens out a billing mess or errant shipment. And in a retail store, it’s the clerk with knowledge, courtesy, speedy service that keeps customers coming back for more.

We’re proud to say that Sunset Cycles strives for 100% customer satisfaction every time the door swings open and brings us a new or returning guest. But just because we strive for something doesn’t mean we always hit the mark. Everybody has a bad day from time to time, including the folks at your friendly neighborhood bike shop.

Our goal in 2014 is to minimize your inconveniences and maximize your comfort. We want every minute you spend in our business to be a positive part of your day. Cycling is a pastime, a hobby, and a diversion from the ordinary. It shouldn’t have to feel burdensome or inconvenient in any way.

We are here to make your cycling experience—from beginning to end—more enjoyable. We’ll provide the products, service, and advice to help you do just that. While we can’t turn the cranks for you, we can make sure they turn more smoothly with every revolution. Have suggestions on how we can better assist you? Please let us know!

Thanks for putting your trust in us throughout the last 12 months. We look forward to serving you BETTER over the next 12.


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