Team News: January 2014 Chainrings

We did a quick poll of a few of the Sunset Team riders, who shared their 2014 riding goals with us. Enjoy your voyeuristic side as you get some insights into one of Portland’s best cycling teams!

Dan L:

My plan for the 2014 season is much like John W’s¸ do the HC 100.  Now many of you might say I have no business doing that race which I would probably agree with you. But If I always listened to everyone I would never have any “fun”.  Don’t know much about this discipline other than the last 100 mile single track race snapped my bike frame, chipped my front tooth, shattered my helmet and almost took my head off. I finished really ugly.  But it was dark so no biggie. 5 yrs is just enough time for the scars to heal and the wife to forget the meat face I brought home that night. For training I plan on riding the bike a lot, hitting the Mt bike race schedule pretty hard as well as taking a lesson from the Jeff and John show: Hit the Wilson river trail regularly.  Also I pledge to try not to suck Andy and Robs wheel as much and lose 15 more lbs of the reserve tank (my Clyde status will still be maintained even at that weight).  My aim is much lower than John’s though.  I hope I make the finish line without having to stoop and puke, under my own power, with a shred of dignity.  That said I would rather finish ugly than DNF.

John W:

I’m looking for the best form I have had in three years.  I plan to get there by riding my bike a whole bunch, mostly chasing Jeff, and doing silly gym classes that give old people core strength and ‘explosive’ power.  I would like to turn that form into getting some wins in the 35+ Cat 1 MTB category this Spring/Summer.  And I would like to finish the HC 100 with a half full water bottle and food in my stomach.

As a team and individual goal, I’d also like to add 1 or 2 team members in my neck of the woods — currently talking to a nice guy who lives in my neighborhood who has shown an unnatural desire to climb hills as fast as possible no matter how much it hurts him.

Paul G:

Wow…John in his best form in 3 years? I guess catching John won’t be one of my goals. However, my goal is similar. After a couple years of broken bones and missing CX season, I too would like to my form of 3 years ago. I’m hoping to get back to the top end of the Cat 2 MTB master category (flirt with the Cat 1 upgrade again) and carry enough form into CX to be competitive in the Cat B Masters again.

I wouldn’t say it’s a goal, but like every year I’m toying with the idea of doing some early season road races…although having a teammate join me would make it more likely.

Russell W:

Paul, Your goal looks exactly like my goal. I would love to get some miles in and be there with you for some road races and Mountain.  If you are Cat 4 Masters we could race together and see what happens. I was hoping for Cat3 again but realize my fitness is not there.  I am sticking to inside the gym right now with the flying and travel and home life but maybe I can line up some ride time with you to see where I sit with your fitness.  Really it’s more like hang at the back and hope to not get dropped but I will stay away from that negative thinking this early in the year.

John,  I’m in your neck of the woods but every time I ride with you I cry.

Shooting for Top 15% in Cat 4 Master road and Top 20% in Cat 2 Master MTB. Working on being competitive again while balancing life!

Michael K:

My plans are similar, but a little bit different 😉

I want to get back into 24hr races so my race agenda includes Race Across Oregon and Ring of Fire 24hr as my two biggest road racing events. My training plan includes a few centuries to get back into shape for long distance. I’ll probably race a few road races in the early season too and then focus on getting ready for my first CX season in the fall. Weekend shop rides are a given 😉 My last license was Cat 2 so I’ll probably race the same Cat again…

Kyle R:

My goal is hear music playing, in my soul, as I juggle my family (beautiful wife and handsome teenage daughters) and my racing hobby.  No mixing running and cycling this year, except for the Hagg Lake Xterra. Racing as much as I can, all 4 seasons, with better results because I won’t be healing.

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One response to “Team News: January 2014 Chainrings”

  1. Greg Kempthorn says :

    I miss you guys and really hope to see some awesome results from each of you. Very inspiring read!

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