Shop News: February 2014 Chainrings

B3buyB3profile_3 (1)

Always keen on working improving relationships with local businesses, we were fortunate enough recently to discover a social networking business start-up–B3buy–that will improve our online presence. Their product, a B3profile, is a new kind of online social store where you can interact with us…in real time! This social store will have all of our content, exclusive coupons, live chat, and more.  Check it out HERE, let us know what you think…AND, get your 20% off coupon for this deal:

Smooth Out the Ride

20% off Suspension Tuneups – (see info above on where to find your coupon!) Discount applies to labor and parts on Fox or Rockshox forks and rear shocks. Work must be scheduled and completed no later than March 31, 2014. Discount applies to in-house work only, as some work may require return to manufacture for service.

Tech Tuesday

Join us on March 11th for another edition of Tech Tuesday, your chance to gain further insight into the mechanics of bicycles…what makes them tick, how to repair them when they break, and more.

Click HERE for the next article in this month’s Chainrings: Local Focus


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