Ride Leader: April 2014 Chainrings

Working With an Industry Leader

Hitching your train to a successful person or business isn’t without its risks. When the giant falls, he falls hard, taking those around him down, too.

But with the benefit of hindsight, the decision we made when we first opened our doors in 2004 to align ourselves with cycling powerhouse Specialized was indeed the right decision. Sunset Cycles…and our customers…still enjoy the benefits of this partnership today. Although I don’t usually call out specific brands, the company’s 40th anniversary in business is a deserving occasion for my praises.

Pre-dating many well-respected brands, Specialized’s rise in the bike business is a testament to the dedication shown by founder Mike Sinyard and his employees. Always on the leading edge of technology, Specialized is always raising the bar, requiring other manufacturers to step up their game. The company slogan? “Innovate or Die.”

1981 Specialized Stumpjumper mt. bike

1981 Specialized Stumpjumper mt. bike

If you pressed me for a “game changer” moment in our 10-year partnership with Specialized, I’d point to the introduction of the comfort road class of bikes, evidenced by the features first introduced in the Roubaix model designed at smoothing out the bumps for the intermediate, middle-aged rider. But that’s just one highlight. The innovation continues, and the future is as bright as ever for the brand.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Specialized’s success is that YOU benefit from the wide selection of products they offer. Whether your cycling takes you on or off the road, from work or around the neighborhood, it’s a good bet you’ll find an extremely high quality Specialized-branded bike to get you there.

Congratulations, Specialized. In an industry full of as many ups and downs as the Tour de France course profile, you’ve earned every bit of our respect.

And thanks to you, our Sunset Cycles customer, for your continued support.


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