Ride Leader: May 2014 Chainrings

Mood Enhancement

Budding trees and flowers transform to full bloom. Azaleas burst with soft crimsons and irises with vibrant purple and blue hues. Road shoulders are nearly sand and gravel free, and SPF 30 makes its annual comeback.irises


In our shop, traffic has been picking up after the usual winter lull, buoyed by some great riding weather as of late. Springtime charity rides and tours are coming, so our repair area has been buzzing with the excitement and anticipation of new rides, new scenery, and new cycling experiences.

These perennial cycling world happenings get my blood moving. If the winter rains and gray clouds had put a damper on my mood, it’s long forgotten. I’m all smiles, happy to help our customers find the right bike, get their old ride in tip-top shape, or share a kernel of cycling wisdom with a new rider. It makes “coming to work” a pure joy for all of us in the shop.

For off-road riders, the tracks and trails are enjoying their annual drying cycle. You can put the mud in your rearview mirrors for months until the heavy rains come again. Margaret Atwood wrote, “In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Sage advice, and a state easily obtained if your mountain bike is tuned up!

For roadies, knee and arm warmers are displaced by short sleeve jerseys and darker sunglasses, and the fenders will soon see their home on the shelves.

And so, the roll of the months continue like the wheels beneath our bike frames. For each, there is a certain kind of beauty. But perhaps none as much as May, when hope blooms into a kept promise and the rain falls not on the cold ground but on the heels of the sunshine.maypole

However you celebrate the spring, here’s hoping you make plenty of time to enjoy it from the saddle of your bicycle.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support.

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