Team Notes: May 2014 Chainrings

Terry R. ventured southward for a date with Arizona’s Whiskey 50 off-road race, and offered this short analysis:

What an experience! Some of the worst weather I’ve had a pleasure of on a bike…let alone a race.
Started out raining with high winds, as we climbed out of Prescott it quickly turned to snow! Is this Arizona?!? There were 5-6 “traffic jams” in the first 5 miles of single track (everyone waited their 1

At the top of the first climb the winds were so strong I got blown off the trail! On the descent, my fingers got numb from the cold. At the bottom of that descent they were pulling people from the race due to hypothermia. On the next climb (4 miles), my hands started to warm up and ached so badly I nearly stopped. Got to the top of that climb to do the 10 mile descent into Skull Valley. Dropped into a 15% grade only to have a killer head wind as well as HAIL! Felt like millions of tiny ice daggers slamming into my face! Luckily that didn’t last long and the sun came out in Skull Valley. The good thing about a strong head wind on the descent is a strong tail wind on the climb…although it was a 12 mile climb.

It got cold again near the top but at least the snow and rain let up. Had a long, fun descent with some great technical sections before hitting pavement for the last 3 miles.

I finished 45th in Men’s Masters (age 45+). In a weird way, I’m glad the weather was so extreme. It will make future races seem a little bit easier.

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