Ride Leader: June 2014 Chainrings


A friend stopped by the shop last week near the end of a multi-hour ride, and looked like a piece of toast that had been left in the toaster too long. The hot afternoon temps had taken him completely by surprise, and he found himself unable to drink fast enough or find enough shady spots. Woefully unprepared for the early June sun (and after topping off his bottles at the shop), he limped home, licking his wounds, wondering what he could have done better to anticipate the heat. The answer? EVERYTHING.

From lack of sunscreen and adequate fluids to a poor choice of clothing, this veteran rider admitted to making what could be called a cavalcade of rookie mistakes that led to an uncomfortable day in the saddle.beer drink

There’s always an upside to reading about the mistakes of others: You can learn what NOT to do and how to avoid the same mistakes yourself.

Read forward in this month’s space as we devote an entire issue of CHAINRINGS to beating the heat—where to ride (WASHCO Ride of the Month), what to remember (research from the scientists), info and deals on our sports nutrition products, and more on how to keep your cool when the thermometer is blowing its top.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support.

Click HERE for the next article in this month’s Chainrings: WASHCO Ride of the Month


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